About Us

About Us

Founded in 2013 with the objective of helping Entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality, the Business Doctor is a consulting firm designed to support your company wherever and however needed.  With the 5 point business Check Up, the Business Doctor will review key areas in your business such as Accountability and Marketing to discover opportunities that can help.  We understand that, as Entrepreneurs, you live, breathe, eat and sleep your passion, and our job is to create a Business Model that will help take that edge off and improve your quality of life as you labour through it.  

Image of Louise Saad, CEO of The Business Doctor.

Louise Saad

An Entrepreneur with vision and spirit, the President and CEO, Louise has the innate ability to diagnose your business issues and find a way to get it working for you within minutes.  Whether an Employee, Consultant or Owner, she has a proven track record of turning Operations and Sales around.  Her in depth understanding of Management at all levels is supported by her Educational, Professional and Personal Experiences.  Although her skills are transferrable to almost any type of business or industry, Louise’s expertise lies in the areas of Customer Service, Food and Beverage, Sales and Marketing, Logistics and Import/Export and Training and Development. Louise has always sought out the intrinsic rewards for Making a Difference and maintains that as her guiding principle in any venture.  

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