You need more help in your business than just bookkeeping and taxes.  As you grow, internal controls and cost retention strategies will be imperative to yours and your employee accountability when working with your business paperwork.

This image shows a calculator and many papers with graphs and charts. It also includes a set of hands using a tablet for taxes and organization.

Human Resources

Employees are your biggest asset and investment.  They will work best for your Business when expectations are clearly outlined. Continuous training is a preventative measure, and therefore the best Insurance you can get for your Business Health.

This image shows a group of people gathered around in a circle with their hands out. Inside their hands shows the dirt and plant helping us gather understand that team work leads to growth.


Most entrepreneurs mistake advertising for Marketing.  Although, that is a facet, true Marketing is understanding your Product, Where and Who you want to reach, Price Point(s),how to Position and Promote your product and the People behind it all.  

Gray and red writing on white paper. The red writing stands out saying "Marketing Plan".

Policies, Practices and Procedures

No one can do it like you, but in case you need a break, having basic Policies, Practices and Procedures in place will help to ensure that it’s done the “right” way (your way) when you can’t be around.

A stack of binders full of policies and procedures.


Even the best business model won't work if your Management is disorganized, this is the glue that keeps everything together. Make sure your Management is in line with your goals.  

This image shows a lady sitting in front of a computer. This is typical view of a manager.
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